Mar 26, 2008

Awful Real Estate Photos

These pictures from our local MLS focus on bad photography & marketing. Remember, only 8 to 10 photos can be included to highlight a home's best features and make the buyers want to see more. So these agents have chosen to highlight ...

What a novel feature. Washer & Dryer hook ups. That will definitely help sell this home!

This is from a listing for a multi-million dollar home. It has fabulous amenities. So why do we want to see this shower spout?

Hello Mr. Agent-In-The-Mirror. You could at least put down the notepad and shoot this photo with 2 hands.

This gives a new meaning to Multiple Listing Service. Yes, this is actually one photo.

Free candy with the purchase of every house?
[where: 75230]

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Jeff Duffey said...

My favorite is the agent in the mirror that doesn't have time to put down his notepad. That is so typical. He probably spent 5 to 10 minutes snapping photos. And to think he is our colleague? Ugh! But the sellers are not free of blame either for hiring incompetence.