Feb 2, 2008

"Techorating" Tips

"Techorating" is the designer’s term for decorating around the enormous flat screen TV that now dominates a room in many homes. Our giant black box was hung just in time for my son and his UT pledge brothers to watch the TX-OU game at our house. Now the TV and accompanying electronics dominate a wall in our den like a hip bachelor pad.
Today’s designers are helping to relieve the technophobia by disguising and blending the TV and components with creative concepts.
Here are a few of their tips:

  • Don’t make your flat screen the only thing on the wall. Enhance the space around the TV with framed pictures to imitate the TV and realize a sense of balance.
  • Consider painting the wall behind your screen a darker shade to help the black frame blend in.
  • Add a sturdy piece of furniture below your screen to get extra space for components and to balance and include the TV into the design.
  • Use flat speakers in the same color as a wall to help incorporate them into your décor.
  • Invite friends over and enjoy the Super Bowl on your big screen.

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