Feb 15, 2008

More Bad Real Estate Photos

I swear on my real estate license to never market a home with terrible photos. Here are more examples of awful photos of homes for sale that are actually in our MLS. Since it only takes about 10 minutes to come up with several really bad pictures, I think I'll start making this a weekly feature on my blog. I sincerely hope I won't be able to find enough to feature - but I doubt it.

Can we assume this home has running water?

Wow. That ceiling really gives me a sense of the space in this room.

This is what we call a blank canvas.

This home is listed for over a half million dollars. But since we can only show you 10 photos, we thought you'd like to see our junky attic.

I'll take door number three.

You don't get this stuff, but we thought we'd show it to you anyway.

And the worst photo of the week:

Nothing in this room could be as tacky as what is happening outside the window.


Laurie Moore-Moore said...

Your feature, "More Bad Real Estate Photos" is priceless...and so true. I've seen some home photos that have to have been taken with a cell phone camera.

Here's something you'll want to check out: A new booklet showing exactly how to take GREAT real estate photos and explaining what equipment is needed (with before and after shots). This handy "How-to" was just published on The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing's Blog and is getting rave reviews. Check it out at
Keep up the good work!
-Laurie Moore-Moore, Founder, The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing

Rosemary said...

Lydia...so sorry you had laryngitis...had to see your funny blog. The last photo comment was too much. I think I popped a stich in my shirt laughing!

Dori Warner said...

Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!! I just discovered you blog! Awesome!