Feb 1, 2008

Fabulous Moving Tip

While I offer plenty of moving tips and a moving check list on my web site, there is one fabulous tip you rarely hear about.
When folks are about to move, they are bombarded with phone calls and mailers from moving companies, carpet cleaners, etc.
How do they know you're moving?
I sure don't tell them and they don't get it from the MLS system or title company. The marketing companies get the information from public utilities. When you call the utilities to have your water, electric and gas service changed, the information is public record. And the marketing companies know it immediately.
So how do you prevent this invasion at a time when you've got your hands full enough? Anyone can request 'privacy' on their utility account. Then your personal information is not released. You'll need to give them a password for future access to your account. Make it easy so you won't forget it. I've found the passwords 'gas', 'electricity' and 'water' work well for everyone. Do this at the time you are transferring your utilities and you'll save a tree and your time.

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