Feb 24, 2008

Cool Floor Tiles

Tile floors can be a practical and beautiful way to update a home. One of the newest additions to the tile selection are concrete tiles. These new eco-friendly products can bring high design to your home. Made from sand, gravel and cement, most concrete tiles are free of strong chemicals and are air-cured rather than kiln-fired.

They come in a wide variety of patterns and shades and can be used in or outdoors because they stand up well to cold weather and high traffic. Most people won't realize that this is concrete instead of ceramic or stone. I'm told the prep and installation are easier. Unique techniques with acid washing or grouting can make them even more artistic.

These bottom 2 patterns are designed by Andy Fleishman and the variations set can be installed in numerous configurations to create intricate patterns.


It may be a while before they hit the mainstream stores, but locally AnnSacks carries a line.

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