Feb 9, 2008

Bad Real Estate Photos

One of my Pet Peeves is bad photos of homes for sale. I can understand when an unrepresented seller tries to market their home with amateur photos because they probably don’t have the resources to do better. But when a Realtor lists a home with bad photographs – there is no excuse. I pride myself on my property photos and am amazed at the poor quality of photos out there and that sellers will tolerate it. So here is my tribute to bad real estate photos. These all came up in a random search of active properties that are currently in our MLS.

I would have taken a picture of the entire house, but then I would have to back up 10 feet.

Does the chain link fence come with the mansion?

This one has me feeling kind of blue.

I just didn't have time to slow down and take a real photograph.


Comes with a cozy mother-in-law suite.

Not everyone has to get out of their car to photograph the house.

And the worst possible image of a home for sale ...

It should be a crime for a professional Realtor to list a home for sale without a single photo.
Next week - bad photos of interiors.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

haha, these made me laugh.

I didn't know a picture could matter so much to selling a house.