Jan 16, 2008

Where are the Preston Royal diners?

It seems like the local restaurants have been pretty empty lately. Everyone can't be on a post holiday diet. I like to do what I can to support our economy- thus taking the Player family to dine on a regular basis. Some of our favorite restaurants include:

Fish City Grill - usually a packed little place with wonderful food & great service - Kevin is our favorite waiter.
Cantina Laredo - a reliable choice for family dining or a drink with friends. Jime really takes care of you.
Purple Cow - great burger favorite if you've got kids in tow.
Gazebo Burgers - our second kitchen. Super nice folks.
Sushi Star is the most recent shining addition to this neighborhood. The food is outstanding but the place is never full. I hope they make it.
There are so many wonderful neighborhood restaurants to choose from. Come on, folks. Do your part & go out to eat.

1 comment:

Ricky said...

Fish City grill is excellent as is Catina Laredo. You should also include Chef Wang which has a great pecan chicken dish.