Jan 21, 2008

Bulldozer Blues

D Home Blog reports that the beautiful old Hard Rock Cafe/Former Church has gone to the bulldozers to make way for a big box drug store.


ricky said...

I hate to see this landmark go. It was a great old building that I first saw as a warehouse for architectural elements being reclaimed from buildings being demolished. When Hard Rock moved in, they seemed like a perfect fit. Now the way is cleared for more steel and glass and less heart and soul.

Jeff Duffey said...

Just because something is new does not mean it can't have heart and soul. When a church became a Hard Rock Cafe I'm sure people were appalled about that just as much then as people are now that it's gone. New and old can coincide harmoniously but we unfortunately don't realize it until we ourselves are old and "ready to be demolished". :)

Lydia Player said...

Ouch, Jeff. I am not that old.

By the way, I have a couple of guys who want to buy the place next door to you. They're from Columbia and are in the pharmaceutical import business. They enjoy photography and need the extra bedroom for their studio that supports their internet site. Apparently you can make a lot of money off of certain internet sites.
Because of their current legal situation, I just need to confirm that you live at least a mile from a school.
I told them you have a pick-up truck and are free to help them move all weekend. I’ll give them your home number.

Jeff Duffey said...

I wasn't commenting on your age or anyone else's. Now my feelings are hurt! :( I was just saying change is inevitable and there will be naysayers and supporters. People that were against development can end up appreciating it many years down the road. Hence the Hard Rock that replaced a church and now a CVS? And what's this about Columbian drug lords? I know the perfect house, 6326 Lakehurst. Ha!